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8 random things and some cleaning

A mini-meme from super_nicko - 8 random things about me. Gotta think of some stuff most of you don't already know.

1. The superpower i always wanted was to be able to fly. When i was little i always used to ask God in my prayers if he could make me fly. I also used to blow out the candles on my cake and wish to fly.
2. I get very anxious in forests and other outdoor areas with lots of trees around. I don't mind deserts and plains, though.
3. When i'm home alone i'm usually naked or at least topless.
4. When i was a kid mom walked in on me dancing in front of the TV to MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This. I didn't dance in public for 5 years after that. Now dancing is one of my favorite things.
5. I like smiley faces and rainbows and hearts.
6. I own all the Peanuts TV specials on DVD.
7. Even years after no longer living with a diabetic, i still check the carbs of everything i buy from the store and think about it when i cook.
8. I don't so much sing in the shower as beatbox. Badly.

Yesterday i went to Midsumma Carnival Day (Melbourne's gay pride fair day) with scatterbeetle. I met jer_s and land_of_beans for the first time, plus i caught up with all my queens who i haven't seen for a while. J told me i could keep his army hat i accidentally took home with me last time we got trashy, which made me happy. It's a bit small but eh. Unfortunately it was completely overcast and raining all day, which put a big damper on the celebrations. I left after a few hours and came home feeling unusually exhausted. Later in the evening i realized what had happened - i'd gotten totally sunburned all across my neck, shoulders and upper arms. Only a pasty white ass like me could get burned with not a single ray of sunlight visible.

I got a bunch of invitations to kick on late but given my sunburn and how much i wanted to get done today i just went to bed early. Today i've gone to the grocery store, done a load of laundry, wiped down all the dusty windowsills, cleaned the bathroom, swept up all the shit on the balcony, vacuumed half the house, and now i'm taking a break. All i really have left to do is vacuuming the other half of the house, and i might leave that till later in the week so it's nice and spotless for when burning_angel_ and suupernorton come next week. I wish i could do more laundry, but the weather's conspiring against me. It was sunny and i got excited... for about half an hour.

In other good news. I opened my electricity bill today and it was -$270.00. Looks like they realized that the $300 bill i paid a few months ago was a SERIOUS fuckup. That's totally got me feeling groovy - i'm enough in credit now i can probably last 3 months without paying a bill.

Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to go put more aloe on my shoulders :-(
Tags: memes, my boring life

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