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happy birthday to me

I actually have a whole bunch of stuff to write about, but things have been kinda heavy this week and i was waiting till i was chilled out and able to write. And then last night i got all shook up again so i'm just gonna write about that. A midnight snack of watermelon was interrupted by this godawful crashing sound that went for 10-15 seconds. It was right behind my back as i stood in the kitchen and all i could think of is that the glass roof of the adjoining apartment's carpark was falling in on itself; i didn't want to turn around in case glass on MY window was breaking and could've gone into my eyes.

After the sound stopped people started yelling out trying to figure out what happened, so i very gingerly opened the door to my balcony and turned on the outdoor light to reveal a million shards of glass all over my balcony. Noone could figure out what had happened - they figured if someone had jumped and gone through the roof of the carpark no way the glass would have erupted UPWARD and landed on both my balcony and on balconies in the adjoining apartment that towers ten stories above ours.

I headed downstairs to talk to my neighbor who was sweeping up glass from the courtyard of our apartment - the glass now basically covers our whole block, back yards, balconies, the roof... I looked up and noticed the top floor balcony of the adjoining apartment had a cracked pane. The adjoining apartment has these glass-fronted balconies which are all the rage in Melbourne high-rise design and one was completely jagged. Somehow something stronger than a gale-force wind, stronger than anything the building codes planned for, must have smacked into it and sent it toppling down ten stories onto the glass rooftop of the carpark, sending even more glass all over the place. A gun? An explosion? Seriously, this glass is supposed to be strong ass motherfuckin shit.

What scares me is i could've been out there having a cigarette, and if i had been i could've been completely lacerated.

Either way, last night a copper finally came out on the broken balcony and told us all to get inside.

This morning i called our body corporate (Australian version of condo owners association) to get it cleaned up, and with the wild hope that our body corporate would sue the one next door for building such a shithouse building that falls apart at the slightest nudge, endangering all surrounding residents. My body corporate said "oh, we can clean the common areas but we won't do your balcony". WTF!!!!!!! And then when i asked if they could figure when it was safe to go outside they said i should call the cops. So i did. And the cops said "it's not our responsibility any more, call your body corporate". FUCKCLOWNS! So essentially what i'm being told is noone can tell me when it's safe to go out on my balcony again, seeing that there is still a jagged overhanging glass balcony ten stories above me, there's glass all over the roof of my apartment, and glass all over my balcony... and when i do decide i can go outside again, i'm going to have to clean all the fucking shit up myself anyway! WHAT THE FUCK!

So last night i was shaken, but now i'm just pissed. And today was going to be my day when i relaxed and told y'all about my birthday week, caught up on mail, etc. Well fuck. I need a coffee.
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