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24 hours
singapore sunset
That's how long ago i got into the plane in Vancouver. 41 hours is how long i'd been wearing the same clothes up until about 5 minutes ago. I burst into tears as soon as i got in the door. I am dying for a shower. But i'm home and i'm safe and aside from the last day these past two weeks have been truly amazing. This was the best vacation of my life, bar none. It went beyond anything i could've imagined. It's heartbreaking to be back in this country again, and right now it's magnified thousandfold because of all the shit that just went down in Sydney but i'm going to have a shower and push it out of my mind because at the end of the day i couldn't have asked for a more perfect break.

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I'm so glad your break was wonderful! I've been hanging out to hear all about it.


Well i sent out the quick email summary with photos a few minutes ago, but i'm hoping to do a more LiveJournaly update tonight too. We'll see how bad the jetlag hits :-)

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