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12 hours?

Not even!

The last week and a half since i got back have been hectic. The high that i was on kinda crashed and burned after a day or two back at work. Just back to the grind, same old same old, and i remembered already on that first week why i needed a vacation so bad. It didn't help that Melbourne was having some kind of fucked up heat wave, like temperatures in the high 30s even though it's supposedly autumn here now. I was pretty miserable come the weekend. My buddy who was coming down from Sydney to party with me and the gang came down and had a "romantic weekend" with his on-again-off-again chick instead (which went to shit anyway so really it serves him right for not getting loose with me). And then it was Monday again. Fuckin hell.

Fortunately, today was a four day week, and tomorrow morning J is arriving from LA. The last two days have been ridiculous stressful at work, i also played two games of basketball and had a debaucherous Monday night (cocktails and a quick catchup after work that somehow went on till midnight - no dinner). Which left tonight to get my shit organized. I vacuumed the house and wiped down the surfaces in the bathroom, chucked out a whole bunch of shit i've just kept in the house for no reason (mainly because it was stuff M wanted or liked but for me it was just taking up space). I know J doesn't need the place to be spotless - if we're gonna be living together she's gonna see it awful soon enough - but i just know what it's like landing in another country with just two suitcases to your name... All you want is a nice cozy place that you can settle down in that doesn't feel completely grody.

Rewind to the basketball for a bit and i'm so proud of myself - Wednesday i scored 14 points, which is a personal best. I actually would've scored 16, but the ref called a foul elsewhere on the court just as i did the most amazing Michael Jordan lay-up - caught the pass around the 3-point line, quick dribble forward, step, step, jump, rolled it in - it was truly a sight to behold. But it didn't count. Ah well, we still thrashed them 41-20. We won't be going up a grade this season, but that's partly because we were missing so many players - i was out with a bad ankle for a bunch of the time, some of the other guys have been overseas or injured etc. I've quit the women's team for next season because i kept getting injured from the scrappy gameplay - the mixed team is a much more coordinated game, less tumbles and scuffles and it'll be better for my ankle and my emotional state. Perhaps i'll join another mixed team later, or a women's team in a higher grade.

For now, though, i'm trying to fill the time between now and when i wake up tomorrow to pick up J from the airport. It's Good Friday too, so we can do Easter. Ahhh the crucifixion, source of some of the best damn holiday food in the world. And i don't mean the wafer and wine crap. Hot cross buns! Chocolate eggs! Fish and chips! Boiled eggs! Okay, admittedly i'm not too big on the last one, but the first three were definitely worth a good old-fashioned messiah-killing.

So, yah. Less than 12 hours.
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