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pinching myself

Wow, so much has gone on in the past few weeks. Just to get a picture, i'm lying here on a new leather couch with my girlfriend, typing on my Macbook while she's watching TV. Earlier tonight we chucked a softball around in the park; we'd gone out for Malaysian and gelati beforehand. We were celebrating because she just landed a job following her first interview in Australia. I had a non-terrible day at work for a change. Tomorrow basketball is starting again after the break. A week from now i get paid so i'll be able to pay off the last of my credit card still outstanding from the Canada trip and i can stop living like a student.

One of my best friends over the last year and the captain of my basketball team left for England on Monday. Another friend of mine down here is going back to England in a couple of months. I had a going away last year for a mate who's gone to Sydney. I still have friends down here, but they gradually seem to be moving on to bigger and better things. And you know, this is something i love about the people i've met down here. Everyone's DOING something, they're up for traveling and exploring and taking advantage of everything the world throws at them, adventuring and not getting into a rut. Having people like that around you makes you want to be better, try harder, do more things with your life - not settle for mediocrity. And it's where i'm at, it's what i'm doing too. I am so happy with the way my life is headed right now. Shit just feels totally right.

So i bought this Mac. Seriously big deal for a Microsoft fan like me. J is a total Apple evangelist, and she let me use her Powerbook when i was up in Canada. It was so easy to browse the web, organize photos and post them to Facebook, listen to tunes etc. Everything worked fast and looked great. I've been wanting to get a laptop for a while and after my Apple experience i started thinking about how i use my computer. Truth is i don't really play games any more, so i figured why not go for something different. I could've gotten a shit-hot 13" Dell XPS with a GeForce graphics card and full warranty for around 2 grand, or i could've gotten a shit-hot 13" Macbook from Canada with full warranty for a bit less. I chose option B so my girlfriend arrived at Melbourne airport with two suitcases for her and a computer for me. How sweet is that? I get the hot chick AND the computer! I'm not regretting the purchase one bit. It's light and pretty and it makes me happy. My girlfriend's not bad either ;-)

In fact, everything has been going crazy smooth. I know we're still in the honeymoon phase and sooner or later reality is going to sink in, but we talk all the time, we're on the same wavelength about the big stuff, we just work so well together and i'm fucking in love and it's a wonderful feeling. 2008 is a good year.
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