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So one of the things i'm loving the best about having a laptop with wireless is that i can download my shows and watch them wherever i like as soon as they're down. With my desktop i either had to watch them in the computer chair, or burn them to CD and watch them in my DVD player. Now i can snuggle up on the couch with my Mac on my lap, or get into bed, or whatever - wherever. And since the writers' strike is over, the shows are coming in thick and fast. I know as soon as summer hits we're going to see another dry spell, but for now i'm loving it. Television right now is amazing.

It's 1pm on Saturday and i'm still in pajamas lying on the couch. I just had a home made coffee and some toast from our brand new toaster (for some reason i haven't owned a toaster for about 3 years - no particular reason, just never got round to it - but we got one yesterday). Did the laundry. Watched a great Boston Legal episode. Time slot change, Wolf Blitzer, fleeing cows, suing the DNC and an artfully included Dean Scream? Yeeearrrrgh! Teh funny. Ugly Betty is up next and then i have to go to the store. Really enjoying the down time.

In other news, the Australian Labor Party have once again exposed their true authoritarian nature by deciding to "trial" a 2am lockout in Melbourne - even more draconian than Brisbane's 3am lockout. For those who weren't around when i bitched about that, it's a pseudo-curfew forcing nightclubs to close their doors between the hours of 2am and 7am - you can leave but you can't come back in. That means no more club-hopping - patrons will tend toward the larger nights, edging out small promoters who throw gigs alongside the big boys and rely on drop-ins; no more "late night" clubs that cater for the crowds who come from work or other clubs after 2 or 3am; no more "best nightlife in Australia" label. Allegedly it's designed to stop violence. God forbid the state actually prosecute the drunken motherfuckers who are perpetrating the assaults. Another dirty secret of Australian culture - drunken brawls often get written off as "boys will be boys" by the coppers and charges aren't pressed (as long as the "boy" is white). Instead of the state stepping in to punish the offenders, they step in to punish the innocent bystanders who happen to enjoy clubbing because that looks good to the suburban voters. Fuck that noise. If the cops fine drunk drivers on the spot, they should fine drunk pedestrians who pose a threat too. Or throw the fuckers in jail. Violence should never be acceptable, alcohol-induced or otherwise. Honestly, i can't believe these pandering clowns got voted in federally too.

Ah well. On to Ugly Betty.
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