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Today i finally started ripping some of my CDs to iTunes. I haven't really listened to much of my music lately. It's different when you have someone else in the house - when you want background music you kinda need music that works for both people. That's a good thing because you get exposed to lots of different stuff - i have lots of CDs still on my shelves i bought because it was something my housemate or partner liked or recommended, stuff i'd never've been exposed to otherwise. But you can't abandon your own tastes completely. This week i jumped on Amazon, clicked in the house section, order by release date and went through all the non-imports (i.e. stuff with audio samples) from 2008. Now i have a little list ready to buy - that's this month's treat (last month was a big haul of comics, the month before was just paying off February's vacation).

When i buy music i like to buy a few surefire kickers but then throw in one or two unknowns to expand my mind a bit. So along with the lineup of US deep house (domestic pricing on Amazon!) i'll be picking up this reggaeton beats album. The previews sound good. I've always neglected urban music because there's too much techno out there that i want. I do have a bit of hip-hop and freestyle, but for the most part my collection is techno and pop with smatterings of punk, ska, hard rock and industrial. Some of the stuff coming out now is great. I've never really listened to reggaeton before - apparently it's been around for years - but it's got some fuckin sweet beats.

I'm musicing and TVing again this weekend because i'm sick again. I don't know what the fuck happened to my insides Wednesday but something left me down and out Thursday and Friday. I had the worst cramps, so bad i could barely walk. Yesterday i finally managed to make it to the pharmacy to get imodium and then my fucking head started pounding. Of course all the over-the-counter painkillers say not to take them if you have stomach troubles so i just struggled through. Avoided taking my regular meds too because they tend to fuck with my stomach even more. This morning i gave up and tried the whole cocktail... Blargarhgh. I just want my body to treat me well. I treat it SO well these days. Fully quit smoking, eat healthy, exercise, haven't drank excessively for a month or so, haven't gone out for an all-nighter in a couple months... I need it to be good for me SO THAT i can be good for it. I had to miss basketball this week and that sucks.

Anywho, there really isn't that much to bitch about. Oh yeah. Immigration ra ra. Cost of flights overseas ra ra. Hillary Clinton ra ra. 2am lockout ra ra. Overtime at work ra ra deadlines whiney whine. But really overall life is pretty sweet so how can i complain?

Well MY life is sweet. My opa and grandpa both have cancer, and my grandpa's wife just died. It makes me think about family. I have my sister who lives in the same city as me. I try to see her every now and then but she's always busy or sick or this or that so it doesn't happen. She's moved out to the suburbs now anyways. Mom is in another state, i see her every few months. Dad is in another country (though at least the same hemisphere). I don't think i've seen him since i lived in California, oddly. The rest of my family is in the northern hemisphere. I saw one of my aunts last Christmas. I saw another aunt when i lived in California. But that's it. I haven't seen any of my grandparents or other aunts for over 10 years.

My opa offered to help me pay to fly up to see him for his 80th; i'd be able to see all the rest of mom's side of the family too; but it just doesn't figure out with getting time off work, having enough free vacation days, being able to afford it... Australia is on the ass end of the universe. It takes over 24 hours just to get to Europe, much less recover from jetlag and spend any quality time there. Not to mention it costs a fortune. And i thought North America was ridiculous! But physical location aside, sometimes i wonder if i'm emotionally distant too? You know i see my partner and my exes and how they are with their family, how important it is to them, and i wonder what's up with me. I love my family, and i think about my mom and dad and sister a lot, and whenever i see them i always have good chats with them... But i just don't see them very often, and i don't feel bad about it. My grandparents and aunts i have good memories of (aunt in California aside), but i don't feel like i need to write or visit or anything. It's like... we're family and we care about each other, but we're not close. That seems unusual - it's almost as if everyone i meet is either super-close with family or completely disowned from them. Makes me feel like i should try harder, but it's not like they're trying either, so yanno.

Anywho. Time to watch the season finales of My Name Is Earl, Ugly Betty and Boston Legal. My off-season entertainment is going to be catching up on season 4 of Stargate Atlantis, plus of course on DVD we're going through Charmed like it's crack. <3 TV
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