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new york, new york

One of our local department stores has inexplicably got a New York theme going this month. All the display windows are filled with giant balloons (Thanksgiving parade reference?) in "New Yorky" shapes - pretzels, bagels, donuts, hotdogs, baseballs, yellow school buses, highrises and a statue of liberty. I remember when i was in Vancouver i took this street photo which is one of my favorite photos i took there. It was taken from a bridge, looking down on a school bus turning onto the street. I captioned it on Facebook "only in North America" or something. Someone commented with a wtf and i had to explain they don't have yellow school buses anywhere else in the world. Not to mention the abundance of overhead cables and hanging traffic lights. These are things i guess some people take for granted as normal but for me it's stuff i've only ever seen in movies. Going to America for me is like living my own movie. It feels amazing.

On a side note, they don't sell "all beef hotdogs" here. They're all the suspicious "meat including pork (67%)" thing. I do eat those sometimes, but right now i feel like a proper hotdog.

I went to a short-lived thing tonight. The last month or so has been hell at work, lots of schedule pressure, people are working overtime and getting cranky (me included). After work i caught up with J and some of her colleagues at an art gallery thingy. I was trying to keep my mind open and everything, but i had to leave. Sooo not my scene standing around with 19 year old indie kids drinking free alcohol and chatting about i don't even know what. If i want to go out and not dance these days it needs to be somewhere with comfortable seating, low lighting, good cocktails and bartenders who know their shit, cruisy tunes... Somewhere i can relax after work without having to get ridiculously drunk just to enjoy the bad music/shitty ambiance/cheap beer/etc. I need my yuppie shit, damnit. I'm not 19 any more.

So i came home and cooked fried potato and SPAM in a tortilla with hot sauce. Clearly i need my trashy shit also.

Man i need a good long sleep.
Tags: alcoholism, american dream, food, my boring life

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