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Yesterday i didn't get out of bed till about 6 in the evening, at which point i cooked dinner and then sat on the couch till i went back to bed. This morning i got out of bed around 9 but have been on the couch ever since. It's appallingly slack, but it's sort of recuperation time. Work has been extremely hectic lately, i've been working late and doing the whole dream-about-work thing, which sucks because it feels like you never get a break. Next weekend J and i are flying to Sydney. She's meeting a bunch of people she knows from her England trip so it's not exactly gonna be a romantic weekend - it's going to be packed with touristing and socializing and stuff i find hard to do when i'm tired. So this weekend has been my calm before the storm too. Doing nothing rocks.

It especially rocks when it's kinda cold and overcast and stuff.

I took a friend out to Sex and the City this weekend - she's leaving to backpack her way back to England next week and i remember it was one of her favorites. I never watched the show regularly till i lived with my roommate A for the last 18 months or so i was in Brisbane. He loved the show like crazy, and to this day i never figured out the attraction. It's sort of this weird American take on sex that seems outrageous on paper, but deftly ends up still coy enough that it appeals precisely to the people who "should" feel shocked by it. Not for me, the movie was about as exciting as The Simpsons movie - an episode gone on too long. But my God, the theater loved it. Fuck me. Fully packed with chicks as far as the eye could see, the whole thing had them gasping and crying and cheering and clapping all round. I haven't felt that kind of interaction with a movie since living in America - Australians are normally far more reserved at the theaters. Fun times.

One thing i missed during the movie was the New York shots. I seem to recall the show having a lot more shots of the city. Maybe it's because i've been spoiled by the lovely between-scene shots in Boston Legal... I like to see the city shots, especially when the flick is as much about a place as the people. I'm getting more interested in New York City since it seems like aside from freakin LAX that's gonna be the next place i visit in America. It's the closest to Toronto in either case. It's one of those places i want to have long enough i can do all the typical touristy stuff and then scratch the surface of all the cool shit too. Big city, lots of culture, lots of history. So much going on. Aside from LA proper it's probably the city i'd like to visit in the US the most. Actually it's probably one of the places i'd most like to live too because it seems like somewhere you wouldn't really "get" on a visit, even with a few months.

I'd like to take photos of the places i go and actually have them be good. I love urban photography. Hmm.

Tonight is tacos. Oh yes. Some M words i like - Mexican, M&Ms, MacBook, Miami Vice, Michael Bublé, Marc Almond, Marshmallows, MAC.
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