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are you ready to love?

I opened up this thing to write about 10 minutes ago but my mind went blank so i didn't. Then this tune came up: Miguel Migs - So Far (Eric's Old School Revival Dub); now i need to write. It's good. Sounds quite Mylo, but it's better realized - smoother and more elegant. This whole album has me under its spell.

J is out having drinks with some friends so i've had the evening to myself. I sneakily watched Stargate Atlantis S05E01 which is due to air in 10 days but it got leaked on the internet early. Did the laundry. Listened to music. Chilled. There's some really big stuff coming up in my life. I like to grab the quiet times.

Australian immigration sucks. J's in a similar spot to the one i was in when i was in California in 2002, but even more frustrating because she already has a job. Not enough on-paper experience to qualify for a visa, even though her employers want to sponsor her. I don't know where that's going to leave us when her current visa runs out - i guess i'm going to be battling with Canadian immigration - but for now it doesn't matter because here we are and life is good.

I went to my sister's birthday dinner on the weekend. For the first time ever she's dating someone who isn't either a sleazebag or a psychopath. He's a nice gentle nerd who reminds me of the sort of guys i work with. I think he balances her out well.

I am very sleepy. It's only 9:30 but i've been so tired lately. Work is taking it out of me, and it's only going to get worse with the new release manager role i've taken on. Good for the resume, though. Hopefully good for the bank balance too, though our CEO kindly informed us salaries were frozen till Q2 (October) - just before announcing July promotions too. Kinda takes the shine off it. I'm almost assured of a promotion in the next week or two.

This is scattery, sorry. I'm a bit out of it all. Miguel Migs is making me very happy.
Tags: family, immigration, music, my boring life, scatterbrain

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