amw (amw) wrote,

i need my fox news!!

I'm getting withdrawal symptoms and it's only been 24 hours since i left my friend's place where i can watch cable. I keep reading the Post and Google News links... Things are so interesting right now, and the Australian media is (as usual) ignoring it. Ripples in the GOP about the war, some good focus on Africa as a side-effect of the visit, a really interesting fight for the first primary, Davis a hair away from being dumped, Schwarzenegger rumors just getting louder and louder...

I'm so isolated! Even if they were still showing The Today Show at 2am it'd be better than this. Hell, even Letterman. Something is happening out there and all i hear about is some frigging Australian insignificant thing that i don't even know because i've stopped listening. I HATE IT HERE!!! It just makes me so mad sometimes, i want to strike out and hit someone, anyone, it doesn't matter who i hit because they're all idiots here. It's so frustrating, i feel so trapped, so unhappy. I've never lived anywhere so far up its own ass for so little reason.

It's almost 11pm. I've been kinda bumbling around today. I did groceries, i did most of my taxes, i cooked a nice dinner, but for the rest i've just been behind this PC reading various websites. I'm in A Mood.

I don't know why suddenly got so popular. Maybe it's the one good thing that's come from the Dean campaign. Bill O'Reilly just advertized a meetup on his page a few days ago, and i noticed Kerry has a link on his page too. I wonder if this is going to become one of those Next Big Things like livejournal. Of course there aren't enough Australians signed up, but screw it. I'll live, and one day... some day soon i will be leaving this country and i will never, ever move back.
Tags: australia sucks, news

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