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yuppie factor increasing
singapore sunset
I just changed my LiveJournal layout so it would display better on my iPod Touch. I am a super giant nerd. In my defense, i didn't actually buy it. J bought it for me as a gift about a month ago. First time in my life i've ever owned an MP3 player. I was never very interested in MP3 players because they create such an antisocial vibe on public transport, plus the sound quality is shit. But then i realized i spent all my time on public transport sending text messages anyway. And i encode all my music at CD quality (Apple Lossless). And now i get to read the news and my blogs every morning on the way to work too. So really what more could you ask for? Best girlfriend ever.

Even more nerdly than choose a LiveJournal theme with skinny columns, i recently did a sprint project at work that involved adapting one of our graphical server monitoring tools to work on the iPhone/iPod Touch. And it is freakin awesome. I am so sold. I so drank the Kool-Aid.