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fuck Australia

Seriously, anyone would think we're in Timbuktu or something. Yes, i've hit my 10 gig peak time download limit for the month and i'm pissed. Sure Mac OS 10.5.5 came out. I've been streaming lots of political footage on YouTube. Yeah, all the shows are back on in America. But fuck. I even upgraded my account so i could step up from pissy 512 kbits to 1500 kbits (oo-err) but they didn't increase my limit. I am now paying more for 10 gig at 1500 kbits than i did for 12 gig at 8000 kbits in Brisbane. Ever since all the plans moved to ADSL 2, ADSL 1 has doubled in price. You'd think that'd be an incentive to upgrade, except some fucking retarded idiots didn't install any ADSL 2 DSLAMs at my local inner city exchange. And, inexplicably, even the ADSL 2 download limits are less than they were a few years ago.

It's woeful. I could almost cry when i see what people get in other countries. We've gotta be right up there with Libya for internet quality.

Make me president, i'll get fiber to the curb. Under the umbrella of job creation.
Tags: australia sucks, rants

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