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let there be house

I guess i'm doomed to never like the same music as my partner. You know, i enjoy rock music at home but fuck me. When i'm out i need my dance music. There's nothing more sobering than being in a really happy space and then getting clubbed over the head with some band playing Green Day covers. I danced to that when i was 16 because it's what my friends danced to. I grew up. Rock music doesn't cut it for me any more. It's too simple, there's not enough groove, it just doesn't have anything to hook onto it. I guess you could say i danced to it before i knew how to dance.

So it's midnight, i'm drunk, and i'm not at the pub with J and her buddies. But with tears in my eyes i'm listening to music that makes me FEEL, music that has been a part of my life for almost 15 years and i will never get enough of. I never got bored of it, i never threw it away as a phase, it's what's cut through everything, all the ups and downs, this is what's stayed with me. When i walk round the city alone at night this is what goes through my head. This is how i got to be the person i wanted to be, i needed to be.
Tags: i am a hermit, i am durnk, music

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