amw (amw) wrote,

thank the lord for Tums

I am really very tired. Today was actually pretty low-key at work, but somehow i'm drained. My release is winding up so the main thing now is just managing the deployment and responding quickly to any bugs that will hit during the end of QA and when we're in production. Tomorrow there's a big ass seminar that's going all day. I already know what it's about, but it'll hit a lot of the staff by surprise. Definitely an interesting time to be working at my company.

The other day we finished getting engaged. I popped the question with the surprise ring a couple months ago, but she gave me mine just a couple weeks back. I knew she'd bought it already but i didn't know when it was going to arrive. She had just gotten back from her trip to the country and told me to keep Friday night open. I had a feeling it might be the night, but what i didn't expect was to be at a burger joint and then have my girl so excited she couldn't hold it in. I got the rock while drinking a Skyy waiting for a burger. I went nuts, totally turned into a girl. Completely off-the-wall timing and so perfect.

I never really thought i'd be into the whole traditional thing. But it means something. Especially knowing we're the first generation who get to do this - i want to do it right. 10 years ago gays couldn't even imagine getting married and now we have Canada, Holland, Belgium, Spain, South Africa (!), Massachusetts, Connecticut and California (no on prop 8, guys!) I guess you just write things like that off like hey it's never gonna happen to me so when all of a sudden it does happen it's a real feeling of liberty and joy. It means so much more because it's so unexpected yet so fucking just. Gives you faith, you know?

Time for some TV. I'm 2 weeks behind on Ugly Betty!
Tags: career, politics, relationships, tv

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