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Today, unfortunately, i had to go to work. I had a busy-ass day, but i managed to hide behind my headphones listening to WTOP and reload my websites often enough to feel like i was kindasorta enjoying the results coming in instead of working. Even though the Obama win has been somewhat of a foregone conclusion for a few weeks now, it was still nice to see it come though, and with such authority. I've been interested in the guy since last election's DNC when they said he'd be a good candidate, and here he is today - a great candidate and president-elect. He represents everything i love about America - starting from a relatively humble immigrant background and working up to the top. I'm sure he's as slimy as the next politician but damn, it's so nice to see the son of an immigrant on top of the world. Next up, a constitutional amendment and Schwarzenegger! ;-)

But my oh my. Proposition 8. What a heartbreaker!!! That was something i had convinced myself was going to be well and truly tossed out, called in the first 20 minutes. I didn't believe the polls leading up to the day, even though they were accurate to a tee in the presidential race. I couldn't believe people would be so bigoted, so cruel and spiteful as to take away rights that had already been granted to hundreds of thousands of people, people that were their neighbors and their friends, colleagues and entertainers and fellow Californians. Right now it's at 86% reporting. All the wonks have gone to bed so i don't have any statistics, but it looks like Santa Clara and San Diego counties are the only ones with a lot of votes outstanding, and Santa Clara sure as hell ain't going to trump San Diego since LA capitulated. I am so very, very disappointed. I feel like America's just taken a giant step back. Arizona and Florida just add insult to injury and let's not speak of Arkansas because that just makes me ill. What a heartbreaker.

All i hope is that someone in the Democratic legislature sees it fit to finally dump the Defense Of Marriage Act and Don't Ask Don't Tell. At least on the federal level there can be some traction, surely? I know it's hardly a priority with the economy in the shitter and two wars going on, but Jesus Christ. America is supposed to lead the world in this stuff, and right now half the country looks like Saudi Arabia. I guess if i move up to Toronto at least i'll be living near the "good half". Whoever thought that wouldn't be on the west coast, eh?
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