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As you all know, i think protesting is a giant waste of time. Blocking traffic only pisses people off and is not gonna net any sympathy for your cause. Then once the obligatory socialist party representative gets on the mic whining about how his lazy ass should get even more handouts it's game over, man. Noone cares.

That said, i still shed a bit of a tear reading Andrew Sullivan's coverage of the gay marriage rallies all over America today. Don't be afraid to click - i know the anti-Palin schtick he's been spewing has gotten very old - today's posts (November 15) are really sweet. It's sort of touching to see people in places like North Dakota and Montana stand up and be counted along with the usual suspects in the urban hubs. I don't know why this is such a big deal to me now when just a couple years ago i really could have cared less. Maybe it was because i was in a dead-end relationship at the time and marriage seemed so far away, or perhaps now i'm just a bit older and more attracted by the idea of a "normal" life. Either way i'm really feeling this, even if it isn't going to affect me directly in Canada.

Speaking of Canada, J is back in Toronto at the moment (actually Montreal as we speak). She was lucky enough to get an early Christmas (Hanukkah?) gift to fly back for two weeks to see the family. It's kinda nice to have the place to myself for a bit - gives me space to think - though admittedly all i've really done in the last week is overwork and read Wikipedia. My project's release is happening next Sunday/Monday, but because next week most of the department is in training (including me), we had to get most everything finished this week. Very high pressure, high stress. I woke up Saturday morning and felt so emotionally and physically drained i just wanted to curl into a ball and cry all day. I forced myself up to do some chores and get out to do groceries, but i just wasn't feeling it.

Still, i went out last night with a friend who's having a baby - this was sort of his last Big Night before dadhood, so i couldn't exactly miss it. Turned out to be quite fun. We did the mature thing and got home by midnight, which was as much as i could do anyway. I had a short sleep and got up bright and early to shoot hoops for an hour and a half. That was great. I realized i badly need to work on my free throws. Last week we lost the game by 1. I drew 4 fouls, 7 shots at the line, and i missed every single one. In fact, i think this season i've only sunk two from the line. Today i practiced and practiced, though it's tough on the local court where there is no paint (it's just a sheet of pavement with two hoops, neither regulation height). I sunk a few, but i still don't really have it down. I guess i struggle because i've never been taught how to play - everything i do on the court i learned from watching NBA or trying tips from teammates and random websites. Eh. Maybe i should join a team with a coach.

I am hungry. I think i am going to make buffalo chicken tortillas.
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