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Today at the game turns out we faced the team that last season i sent their forward to the hospital. I'm not sure if i posted it here, but what happened was i went up for a defensive rebound, and this chick who had been ridiculously aggressive all game inexplicably decided to jump into me to try get the rebound. I was in mid-air with the ball already in my hands at this point. Of course me being over 6 foot she bounced off me and landed on her back. And then refused to get up. Until they called an ambulance. And the team forfeited the game, even though they had enough players to continue. Except this forfeit didn't count as a forfeit, it counted as a draw, so it didn't even affect their standing. The next day our captain was kind enough to give a shit and call the league to make sure she was okay. Turned out she didn't have a serious problem, she'd just strained a back muscle. Well yay for that.

So we're facing up this game, and from the start they are playing aggressive - but not only aggressive, this time every time i get physical they start heaping shit on me about how it's not fair and this and that and the next thing. We only had 4 players (due to half our team being complete fucking flakes), so we were at a disadvantage anyway, but we pushed hard and stayed within 2-3 points for most of the game. Eventually they ran us down, though (they had 6) and we started falling behind. But still then they were relentless with their whining about how we were playing too hard, when in reality they were the ones who couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Last minute of the game, i'm on 4 fouls, i'm running back full court to try catch up with their crybaby forward from the previous game who had an easy shot lined up. On the way i pushed past one of their guys who wasn't running fast enough to get down there. Their forward wasn't even the one touched and she starts spewing about "what a bitch". Well fuck that noise. I committed a flagrant foul on her and flipped her off on the way to the bench.

Seriously, fuck that shit. I know it wasn't sportsmanlike. I know i should have just let it go. But fuck that shit. I am so sick of girls in this league whining and bitching like i don't have a right to push them back. So fucking what, i'm 6 foot? What difference does it make? Am i supposed to play soft because i have a size advantage? If these chicks are going to be aggressive damn straight i am going to push back - and even then i rarely push as hard as they do because the refs in social ball are biased against "big men" to start with. It's just a fucking game, you know?

Chicks are just FUCKED UP. I quit playing Tuesdays on the women's-only team because the league was too bitchy and aggressive. I can only just handle Wednesdays social ball because there are guys to balance the psycho bitches out, and occasionally you play a team that has cool chicks. Honestly, how hard is it to just play hard? Trash talk is fine, but Jesus Christ get over the whiney victim bullshit. It's not fucking soccer, it's basketball. And always the girls. It's fucking ridiculous.
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