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J came back Tuesday afternoon :-) It made my week. On top of that, my project released pretty much without a hitch Monday morning, so i have finally been able to kick back and unwind a bit. Friday night was the work Christmas party, which left me pretty drained Saturday (read: hungover) but today has just been fantastic. Shot over an hour of hoops in the morning with noone else on the court, dropped by the store and just relaxed at home all afternoon with my girl. It feels so good to spend a weekend without worrying about what's coming up at work next week. And only 3.5 weeks to go till Christmas break. Sweet.

J brought back a bunch of goodies, like Tim Hortons coffee, Hanes socks, Old Navy tanks, a pair of Adidas high-tops, What To Do When You're Dating A Jew and a whack of DVDs. And the new Guns'n'Roses album! I am so freakin spoiled.

The new album kicks ass, by the way. Not as good as Appetite (of course) but light years ahead of the Use Your Illusions. Where Velvet Revolver drew from the most derivative bits of G'n'R to make pedestrian rock songs, Axl has really pushed some kind of crazy vision to make Chinese Democracy something like what Use Your Illusion probably should have been if less drugs had been involved. It's stupendously overdone, but it's all so tight and professional and well-produced that it works anyway. Slash couldn't even dream of coming up with something as fucking kick-ass as Shackler's Revenge. It's like some epic rock orchestra.

I kinda lost interest in mainstream rock after Guns'n'Roses disappeared off the scene. The grunge explosion pretty much destroyed it for me - lots of dismal whiney singers with no fashion sense and a complete lack of clean riffs made for boring music. It wasn't as gloomy as gothic music and it certainly didn't rock as much as metal, so really, what was the point? All the good guitar riffs started getting written by industrial bands and all the good lyrical hooks started getting written by punk bands. I guess i could go back now and cherry-pick some of the better mainstream bands of the 90s (The Offspring is the only one that leaps out immediately), but at the time not much besides NIN interested me. So it's nice to be listening to a contemporary rock album and actually enjoying it. And it's Guns'n'Roses who get me back. Go figure.

Though i don't know if Death Cab For Cutie count as mainstream rock? I keep getting J to play her MP3s of them because they are awesome.

In other news, Kanye's new one is the bomb. And all those autotune haters should move to freakin Outer Mongolia or something. It's the 21st century. People use electronics because it makes shit sound better. And damn does it sound good. I wonder if Cher's producers ever saw people taking that effect as far as they have over the last 10 years? I actually bought Eiffel 65's debut album back in 2000 because i love the effect, and back then they were the only ones ballsy enough to do a whole album with what people thought was a gimmick sound. Now it's this big new thing in R&B? Heh. Kanye's taken it somewhere really interesting, though. Must get the album.

There's other things going on, but eh. This is one of those entries i spent most of it listening to tunes instead of writing so i kinda lost my flow.
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