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Last week i got myself new glasses. It's seriously overdue - my current glasses are something like 5 years old and the wrong prescription. I wear contacts most of the time, so my glasses only bother me in the evenings or the weekends when i am letting my eyes rest. I never figured upgrading them would be worth the money. But now i'm literally 28 days off leaving this country and i have a final list of todo items. Stuff i want to get done before i get stuck without medical insurance for a while, with no income etc. I pick up the new glasses tomorrow. I guess i should book in for a dentist appointment soon.

The house is half-empty. Today while i was at work some guys took most of the furniture over to my sister's place. She's getting it for a song, but we're happy to get rid of it. All our stuff is scattered in piles over the floor. It's really happening. J is out celebrating because she's pretty much done - she's booked in all the moving stuff we need to book, she's masterminded the whole thing. She's completely amazing and there's no way i could've done this without her. My job has been to kick ass in the office each day, trying to leave on the best terms. Deadline pressure is looming hardcore again - the next killer project is over-schedule and it's rapidly sucking morale from the team. I take a little pride in knowing the only big project that's been on-schedule in the last year is the release i managed. But this project is starting to eat away at me too; i'm lucky to be leaving before i get pulled in too deep.

On my last day of work my dad is coming to visit. I haven't seen him since he visited me in California in 2002. We've lived just a few hours flight away from one another for over 6 years and neither of us has really made the effort. That fucking sucks. Still, we can start today, right? My whole family is dysfunctional - they all have unresolved issues with each other - but that doesn't mean i need to fall into it too. I am absolutely thrilled my dad is coming and i can't wait to introduce him to J. I only wish he could've visited when our whole house was kitted out and i could show off my successful and happy life - now he's going to see the crazy moving whirlwind instead... But life is messy, right? This shit is real, and having family there for this is right.

For my birthday this year i did nothing. Work has been too crazy, moving has been too crazy, all i wanted to do was relax. We booked into a nice hotel, got room service and kicked back. I watched wrestling on cable, drank a martini, slept in a comfortable bed - perfect.
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