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it's april 2
singapore sunset
... that means i'm getting married tomorrow! Oh my God!

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I was the human embodiment of that acronym all day.

Thanks :) All went surprisingly smoothly, it was great.


WEEE!! Awesome! Congratulations! <3

Thanks!! We had an amazing time. Kickin it at a luxury hotel for a few days was even better than the center-of-attention-for-a-day thing too. Yay!

Yeah! i was just thinking about you this morning, and wondering how all the ramp up to crazy wedding day is going! Have fun, enjoy every minute of it.

Ah, it was nuts! We were so busy trying to get stuff lined up, even for such a "small" night... Then on the day it pissed down with rain, but nothing could ruin it for us at that point, we had an amazing time. Totally worth it.

Congratulations, gorgeous. I'm really happy for you both.

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