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it's snowing

Snow in April, first snow i got to see since i came to Canada a month ago. It's also the last day of our honeymoon. Strictly it ended at 2pm when we checked out of our kick-ass downtown hotel and got on the subway back up to white-dusted suburbia. It almost looks pretty here. Or maybe i'm just still glowing.

It rained on our wedding day. A lot. Fortunately Toronto has an underground mall that stretches throughout the city, so we barely had to go outside between hotel, hair, make-up, photos, ceremony, dinner and nightclub. We had the best time. I felt like a classic starlet and J looked like a rock star. I got to eat a bacon cheeseburger and we broke the glass under a chuppah, so everyone was happy. The whole thing was a blur, but an amazing one.

The next few days living out of our suite were so desperately overdue. Since i arrived in Canada it feels like all i've done is meet family and organize wedding stuff. I know there's been other things, but it was a whirlwind. Spending some quiet time together was wonderful - so wonderful we booked another day. We both have to get back to it this week - i need to contact my boss and see what kind of remote work i can do, J needs to look for work locally and we both need to finish all the immigration stuff... But now we're refreshed so hopefully it will go easily.

Some random things...

We were originally planning a "wedding 2" next year so we could invite more people (especially from overseas), get it catered with our favorite food, do our wedding dance and all the stuff we wouldn't be able to do at city hall and in a chain restaurant, but the last few weeks have got us rethinking it. There was so much hoopla involved with just this "small" event we're doubting we can manage another one. Ah well, there's always my 30th. We're planning NYC for that, so watch out.

People do lots of nice stuff for you when you're getting married. I had no idea. Because we're the first generation of gays who can do it, i didn't expect anything, so having all sorts of people go out of their way to give us the best time possible just rocked my world. It makes it even more special than it already is.

Cutting cake with two people of opposite handedness holding the same knife is really hard.

Also, drinking sangria when you are wearing all white isn't the best idea i ever had.

And bottle service feels so much less wanky when you're the one getting it.
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