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"i guess it rains down in africa"

Apparently i've been mishearing that lyric for 25 years and only noticed now because there's a Lebanese-French-Canadian cover of it in the iTunes charts at the moment. Seriously.

This morning i started reading After 9/11, a comic book treatise of the Bush presidency 2002-2008. It's written by the same guys who did the comic book version of the 9/11 Report. It's amazing all these little things i forgot happened. We really have lived in interesting times over the past few years. It made me see some of the torture articles going round the blogosphere at the moment in a new light. It's so easy in retrospect to know what we could or should have done. I wonder what they'll write about the first 100 days of the Obama presidency 6 years from now.

I'm going back to school. On my tourist visa here i'm allowed to study short courses, so i'm taking beginner Spanish (starting May) and a food theory class (starting next week). The latter is about the concept behind sauces and dishes rather than the practice... it's cheaper than the practical cooking courses, and i'm really more interested in learning why certain tastes go together than particular recipes, so yay. It's kinda scary because along with this i have my Java certification i am studying for (i already scheduled my exam for June) and i need to start some open source coding for my boss too. And i want to start playing basketball again. I wonder if i am taking on too much, but i want to do it all. I need to get a Canadian driver's license too, if i can. Hmm.

Right now i am really sick. So that is making everything harder. Not sleeping properly. Weird.
Tags: anxiety, food, politics, sick

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