amw (amw) wrote,

men in black

And you know it's damn freaky to have a police chopper hover over your house for like three hours whenever there's a game on.

And last Friday i was walking to work being nice and careful with my cigarette, as i do when i'm in public. Always hold it away from people, especially kids, and don't exhale anywhere people are... And this chick goes "excuuuse me" in that God-awful nasal Australian accent... I turn round and she's like "why are you poisoning us?" I told her to fuck off and then she started ranting about pollution and crap, apparently oblivious to the fact we're downtown and there are a hundred cars idling on the street 10 feet away. That didn't really kick off my weekend too well. It was a lot more amusing after i got home and cracked open a beer.

See, this is the thing. Every week i start out and i'm like hey, this ain't too bad. I'm getting stuff done at work and i'm cheerful and doing all the right things. And then as the week goes on i get more and more shit, and by Friday i'm grumpy and frustrated so i waste money on alcohol in the evening. Heh. Welcome to 9-to-5, i guess :-)
Tags: alcoholism, rants

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