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I am going fucking INSANE with no speakers. It's one thing to crank the volume on my phones, but i NEEEED to feel the beat for a change. Ever since i left T's the only music i've heard on a sound system is at clubs, and they don't play rad music like me. Heh.

So yesterday one of my roommates is like are you going to watch "Grease" tonight and i'm like huh? It took me a second to figure out what she was talking about. I didn't watch it, but it got me thinking... I did used to have "Greased Lightning" on one of my mix tapes when i was a kid... as well as a few songs i haven't thought about for years... but they don't mean anything to me now. Back then i'm sure i thought it was at least reasonable or i wouldn't have put it on the tape, but now it's like "what the hell?!"

I can't work out why some songs from my past mean so much more to me. And movies, for that matter. I don't even get any nostalgia value out of watching "Grease" - it's just a movie. But give me "Big Trouble in Little China" and i'm over the moon. Yello is like "errrr okay, whatever" now, but Guns'n'Roses is so drenched in nostalgia it's not funny.

You know i saw this graf today and it reminded me of something weird i've been wanting to mention for a while. In Europe i used to hang out with some artists... they were low-to-middle-class white guys who'd go out and do great multi-color pieces all shiny and sexy. Here you don't see so much of that, but there is tagging all over the place by Aboriginals. All of them have the date and time, the names of the people who tagged, the tribe they belong to (!) and an Aboriginal flag. Just marker-pen, you know, but i always found it one of those really interesting Australian things. Keep your eyes open for it if you ever come here.

Go and buy U96 "Club Bizarre" just for this song. I've said it like 100 times in my journal and noone ever listens. I'm telling you, this song is wicked. I can't believe i haven't heard my other U96 CDs since 2001 :-( They're one of the most underrated bands out there. Not so much for their pop songs as their weird trance experiments on the albums. God i wish i had all my CDs. God i wish i could hear this kind of music out at nightclubs. Why does everyone like crap music? If i won a billion dollars i'd open a wicked nightclub in America somewhere and educate the next generation with a weird blend of metal, rap and techno. And have a super-gay non-pretentious synthpop night on Sundays for the fags.

Oh, the song changed. But this one rocks too.
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