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Today was great. This whole week was supposed to be me getting back on track to doing my own stuff - i bought a subway pass and everything. Then Monday night i had to have dinner with a remote cousin, Tuesday night dinner with grandma and her sister in from NYC, Wednesday night babysitting, Thursday recovering from the crying baby and cats keeping me up the night before, Friday night family dinner and tomorrow not one, but two (count 'em) mother's day thingees. Somewhere along the way i forgot my meds one night, which didn't help. Today has been my oasis of solitude.

This morning J's parents were out, or something, so i had a quiet breakfast and escaped out in the middle of a storm to head downtown. Sat down at the library and noodled around online for hours, the way i used to - not really doing anything serious, just me time. Tonight J is at a friend's and the parents are at a dinner. It's 8:30pm so i'm hoping to have at least another hour to myself. The storm is gone, it's just wind now, but i'm so happy to be living somewhere where it does storm semi-frequently. Last night the thunder was primal, it was amazing.

Having spring in general is awesome. There are dandelions and wildflowers all over the place up here, and downtown they've got tulips and daffodils and trees with blossom... All this northern-hemisphere stuff you forget when you're stuck in Australia for so long. It makes me smile every time i go outside, even on the days with evil burny sun.

One of the good things about having a massive upper-middle class adopted family is that everyone wants to give you shit when you get married. We got a bunch of gift cards and checks - even from people i'd never met. It's kinda awkward but they'd be offended if we didn't accept it. We put most of it into a new "house" account so when we move out we can fit out the kitchen and lounge room (i got rid of all my house stuff when we left Australia), but we kept a little bit for an Amazon splurge. I got a textbook for school, a comic book adaption of the 2008 presidential election and two CDs. They arrived Thursday. I didn't really have the chance to enjoy them then because i was so exhausted but chalk up another yay for today. I feel a bit square that my first new CDs in ages were Kanye and Britney. But eh. Light and catchy is what i need right now.

Another good thing (bear with me). When i moved here and transfered my iTunes account from Australia to Canada i had to re-purchase all my freakin iPod apps! Apparently iTunes isn't smart enough to handle international moves, so if you don't re-purchase everything then automatic update of your apps stops working. Anyway, i bitched at Apple about it and they gave me a credit for 5 free songs. I've never downloaded music before, so i'm trying to figure out what to do with it. My current thinking is to buy 5 one-hit wonders that i would never get on CD because the rest of the album would be a waste. But which one-hit wonders are worthy of being my first ever digital downloads? I mean, it's gotta be something really good, right?

The College of Psychologists of Ontario member directory is still down. I refuse to go to some potentially hokey pseudo-shrink, but they're not making it easy to find one here. Unfortunately i haven't bumped into Being Erica's Dr Tom. After seeing J and her sister's recent shitty experiences with the Canadian healthcare system i'm almost debating going to New York for healthcare since i'm going to have to pay full fees anyway. The lawyer okayed our submission so it's all going in Monday and soon i should have a "waiting for immigration" letter that i can use to go to the US without getting harassed every time i come back. When i get that letter it's off to Buffalo! I just want to eat the wings, but apparently Canadians go there for the outlet malls - go figure.
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