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Now i've been reading back through old journal entries on my friends list. Man, people wrote and commented a lot more back then. Real comments too, not just one-liners. There's so much shit gone on in everyone's lives. It's amazing how much you know without actually being there.

It's been really healthy, having this weekend alone is helping me sort shit out up there. I shot some hoops this morning. It was good. I've never seen so many houses with hoops out the front - it's a wonder the NBA isn't full of white Jewish guys.

The other day i looked up this guy i knew back in 1997, he's working at an insurance company in Chicago now. He wanted to be a writer. I've got this opportunity right now while i'm not able to work legally, i can do anything i want as long as i'm not charging for it. I need to grab hold. I know in a year's time i'll probably be working in an office again, doing the "career" thing, but right now i don't have to. So i will keep writing.
Tags: career, depression, looking back, movement

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