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dinner the way i like it, part 2

When i got home from my relaxing wander round the suburb and three-hour pit-stop at Starbucks, i didn't expect to see four cars in the driveway. Or about 10 people in the lounge room. That was disconcerting. Fortunately, they all left for dinner a few minutes after i arrived. I had already said i wasn't going to do two family dinners in a row so i got to make my own.

Tossed a bunch of carrot, cucumber, snow peas and diced garlic into a pan and sauteed it just long enough to get warm - vegetables nice and crunchy, skins still on - the way i like it. Then just plopped it on some Indomie noodles (phenylaline + MSG = flavorgasm) with kecap manis. I know the noodles aren't particularly healthy, but it just feels so much more simple and straightforward than yet another big multi-course restaurant meal with a ton of meat and sauce and mushy vegetables. I really miss all the simple home-cooked meals i used to eat in Australia.

It's interesting at school, i'm learning about traditional French cuisine and how it came to influence American cuisine. You know, the stocks and the sauces and big chunks of meat and butter and cream and all this really heavy stuff. And even though most restaurants here don't cook in that exact same style any more, the basis is still there because people expect it. The thing is that for me learning about French and American cuisine is exotic because i never grew up with any of it. For most of my teenage years i was vegetarian and all i learned to cook was salad, curries and stir-fries. In Australia the restaurants are primarily Asian or Mediterranean. We went to a sports bar for lunch yesterday and got wings and i realized it was the first time i'd ever eaten wings at a restaurant. I want to eat wings in Buffalo because the whole concept of wings fascinates me, not because i'm a connoisseur. I enjoy trying all this different food, but i think lately i have been missing my stuff.

My favorite food is still burritos. Big San Francisco ones, like i first had when i was 13. After living in California for a year that got more specific to include carnitas filling. I haven't had one since 2002, but i can still close my eyes and taste it. Rice, frijoles, lettuce, tomatillo, onion, chili, avocado, cilantro, lime, cheese, sour cream and beautiful crispy pork... My dream food for the wedding was to get a taqueria setup. Obviously that didn't happen :-( For Cinco de Mayo i wanted to visit what appears to be the sole Mexican restaurant in Toronto that isn't just an upscale Taco Bell, but it was closed due to May 5 falling on Tuesday. I was crushed. Crushed! So in the mean time the things keeping me most happy are my homemade salsas and salads.
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