amw (amw) wrote,


So i updated my webpage. Kinda. Just rearranged the links somewhat and made a new front page entry. I know you all are so interested in that.

My fingers are cold. I'm hungry and don't really feel like cooking. I have to work tomorrow. Yeah, it's the Sunday evening blues.

I had a pretty good weekend, though. I went out Friday night and had a few drinks, went to another bar/club type place, then a nightclub, then i met all these people i knew... It was probably one of the first times in my life i went out and spent most of the night just talking to people and laughing and having fun. Usually i just dance and that's it.

Then yesterday i went over to a friend's place and we chatted and watched cable and then his brother came home and we watched the new Star Trek movie... All pretty nifty. I called T too, but she was tired... I try to send her love always. I miss her so much :-(

But yeah. Right now it's Sunday night and i'm going to be cold and miserable because it's tradition, damnit.
Tags: my boring life, raving, teh internets

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